“Sustainable seafood is sourced from responsibly managed fisheries that maintain healthy populations without harming the environment”.


Over the years, we have developed a deep sense of responsibility and care for ocean life and long term preservation. As a company, we recognize that is it our responsibility to protect our natural resources for future generations and the preservation of our planet. We are 100% committed and are working closely with our vendors to provide our consumers with sustainable products whenever possible and to be good stewards for our society at large. We proudly source top grade fish and continuously strive to source sustainable where possible.


Sourcing sustainable products is at the core of our work. We verify our products through MSC Certification, ASC Certification, and BAP certification. Also, we have made the decision to remove eel entirely from our menu as there are no sustainable options.


Innovation is key. We at FujiSan continuously innovate with new flavors, textures, and tastes from around the world. We love testing new ideas and concepts in our kitchen. No matter the product, FujiSan inspires a healthy lifestyle by using only the finest of quality products. Fresh, delicious, and innovative is what drives our passion to satisfy your hunger on the dinner table.


We value our creations and with our chefs' precision and dedication each roll is expertly crafted and presented. Whether our rolls are beautifully drizzled with eel sauce or gently layered with tempura crunch, FujiSan only uses fresh ingredients and authentic Asian flavors. We invite you to explore the world of exceptional taste with us.

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